Latest information about traveling to France during Covid.

UPDATE for June 2nd 2021:

(with addition: if you need a pcr test for your return journey, you can have it done for FREE in France)


“ Tourism: conditions for entry to France from June 9

1. The Secretary of State for Tourism has clarified the conditions for entering France as a foreign traveler. The countries are divided into 3 different zones, classified by color: green zone, orange zone and red zone.


2. Europeans vaccinated against Covid-19 will be allowed to enter France from June 9 without having to show proof of a negative PCR test. "We announce that from June 9 (...) Europeans who have been vaccinated will be able to come to France without a PCR test," said Delegated Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. The countries are now divided into 3 different zones, classified by color: green zone, orange zone and red zone.

3. For the green zone, which includes the countries of the European Union, Australia, South Korea and Israel, there are 2 cases. "If you are vaccinated and you come from one of these green countries, I will not be asked for a test.  If you are not vaccinated, a PCR or antigen test less than 72 hours old is necessary and you are welcome in France said the Secretary of State.


4. Then the orange zone. Those are "countries where the virus is still circulating but under control and where there are no worrisome variants," said Jean Baptiste Lemoyne. |This concerns "the majority of countries in the world", including the United States and the United Kingdom. There are then two possible scenarios: if you are vaccinated, you will be asked for a PCR test less than 72 hours old before boarding or an antigenic test (TAG) less than 48 hours old.

5. The red zone takes into account countries "where the virus is circulating quite actively and where sometimes worrying variants occur", such as South Africa, Brazil or India. Vaccinated or not, only cases with compelling reasons will be admitted to the territory. "It is a conscious choice. We have to protect health, to avoid introducing variants, evolutionary forms of the virus that could undermine all the months-long efforts of the French," said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.