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From 1 August, the following rules apply to travel to France:

Anyone who is fully vaccinated (from 12 years) can travel to France normally.


It is mandatory to show your vaccination certificate (two vaccines, last only valid after 2 weeks) (European) (this does not necessarily have to be the French app, as long as the European QR code can be shown), or a negative PCR of not older than 2 days, or a negative antigen test (that you have had covid) if you:


*  want to go to restaurant or terrace / cafe

*  go to museums, zoo, or any public attraction

*  wants to go to a shopping mall. (Not to the 'regular' supermarket as long as it is not located in such a center.)


This also applies to children from 12 years old.

There is no quarantine. Unless you have covid.

These measures also apply to the French themselves.

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