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Well, finally we have set a date for our move to France.

Everything is going fast right now, although in every room and attic there are still items that has to be removed to the dump. The people working there must be thinking: 'again?' because I cannot remember how many times we have driven to it.

Anyway, picking up some extra boxes at the removal company, we also have set the date.

The truck will be loaded on December 9th.

We will be driving to France with the cats, dog and Bob the fish, very early in the morning of December 10th. As well as the truck, they will also leave on the 10th. Probably we will be arriving sooner then the truck on that same day (evening).

On December 11th they will be unloading the truck.

It will be a couple of exciting weeks, in which we pack boxes, remove things, and look through old stored bags and boxes of long long ago.

Surprised about what we have saved all these years for not knowing we did have it at all anymore (we have three attics, 1 garage, 1 garden house and 1 shed, so you can imagine...)

Lots of children's stuff as well.

I asked them, what to leave behind for them, and what could go to the dump, or even to our neighbor kids.

We also take some boxes with toys for the gite. We can fill a whole children's room with it.

I think those kids will imagine they have landed in toy heaven. If they already know what toys are, besides all internet games they nowadays play and have.

Also found a box with Barbies. When I opened it, I only saw chaos: it looked like a Barbie cemetery: long forgotten, they where all put in that box to be stalled on 1 of the attics. And nobody even looked after them. I recognized some of the Barbies, some of the clothes, and items. But it was one bundle of legs, arms, heads, of princesses and prince charming. Nothing could even be saved. The plastic had perished and some barbies lost all their hair.

I took a picture of the contents of the box before we discarded the entire contents. Only after I had a closer look at the photo, I noticed, on the bottom right corner, on a green plastic Barbie cupboard, a small tag with what exactly indicated what the contents of the box were: CHAOS

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