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Don't see the boxes through the boxes anymore....

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

We have made our way through the offers of various moving companies. For sure we become a kind of expert. Where one person goes through your house very easily and does not look at anything, the other is more critical. It remains strange that they look in your cupboards. We do a lot ourselves. Pack everything yourself, dismantle etc. Yet they all come on different cubic meters, and yes, also on different prices. I know: once in Val Sery there is a problem. The maximum passage on the way there, about 250 meters in front of our own entrance gate, is only 1.60 m, because there are two huge trees opposite each other. And a moving van is over 2.00 m wide... So that will be transferring and commuting. No problem, we can arrange it. But I think an offer difference between moving companies of 5000 euros is very much. First thought was to do everything ourselves back and forth with a smaller truck and somebody helping us, but finally found a moving company that just does what needs to be done and also for a more acceptable price. In the meantime, I arranged some boxes via marketplace and already started some packing work. And cleaning up. Not to mention: throwing away. Because people WHAT a mess you collect in 12 years at home. It seems like a blast. There is stuff everywhere. And the dump is happy with us: bringing 1 or 2 cubic meters per day. With a minimum of 6 euros per cubic meter. Not finished cleaning up yet. For this month we mainly planned the sorting, cleaning up and disposal. Also with some packing. From November onwards the more serious packing work. In the meantime, the full boxes are piling up. Anyway, our pink "Bommel" is ready to move ...


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