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How it al started...

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

You know how it goes: living in a nice little village for quit a long time. Saying ‘one day’ but never have the guts to take action in this. Always looking at tv programs of people moving to another country. And again saying: ‘one day’

Wel, let me tell you: that one day did come!

Even sooner then we even could imagine. In our search for a ‘maybe’ now it is going to be real:


Wow, I just said it. We are moving to France. Not just ‘one day’ but when everything is going just as how it supposes to go, we will be moving this December 2019.

With this blog, I hope to give an insight of our way to finally move, probably all struggles on that way (such as HOW are we getting there with all our stuff, including 2 lazy cats which have never been outside, and 1 giant Australian Shepherd. Oh, and our goldfish named ‘Bob’

Keep an eye on this blog. and hopefully ENJOY!

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