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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

12 years of collecting stuff.

12 years of using everything that was available...

Now, with boxes everywhere, all those 12 years passes through your hands: pictures long forgotten, people even long forgotten.

Sometimes I fall into memories. Good memories of the children when they where at elementary school. Little treasures in their paintings, their school notebooks, small notes with 'for the sweetest mom in the world' , memories about the traveling to get them in China when they where just little, but also memories about the pain I had to make a decision what would also affect their lives..

I put the good memories into boxes and the bad I will try to leave behind.

On to the next cupboard.

The pile of empty boxes is shrinking and we count down from 70 to now 16.

Are we getting everything in those left boxes?

Probably not.

It is amazing to see what you can do in a couple of days. So we now decided that, if everything still goes as fast as it is now, we will be moving to France at the beginning of December.

5 more weeks to go.

I put some things aside to get through those 5 weeks.

What will we need?

My father once said (during one of their relocations to a new home): 'what you have not had in your hands for one year, you will then no longer need'

And in fact, that is the truth. Imagine what we did not had in our hands for 12 years!

So with that in my mind, I put things back into the cupboard.

I look at it. Once it was a full cupboard with all kinds of dinnerware, glasses and cups.

Reduces to one small pile.

For 5 weeks minimalistic.

We can do it!

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