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On the way to the unknown

Still 3,5 weeks to go and that means we now have to deal with the pets. To be allowed to take them to France, there are a few mandatory items:

For example, they need their compulsory rabies vaccination. In addition, the cats must also receive their chip. They did not yet have one because they never left. A big task for the cats to go to the vet again.

Because of their size we have to take turns, they simply do not fit together in the cat travel basket. Because Ambos the dog also needs its rabies (he already has a chip) then we combine the first ride with 1 cat, named Rooigie.

During the car ride we received a small demonstration of the sound that 1 cat can produce when they have to go in the car. It started with small waves of cat moaning, sometimes quiet. And then with a loud roar. Never knew that this one cat could produce this in volume.

Fortunately he stopped at the vet's. Of course there had to be a short check-up and also just a moment on the scales. What we suspected was correct: the cat is good at its weight, 6 kilos clean on the hook. Wow ....

After the necessary vaccinations, chip, and European cat passport, we were able to return home. With loud moans.

After this came cat number two. This is even more weight and it was questionable whether it would fit through the door of the cat basket. On the way in the car, this one started well: the wailing was present and even louder than from his brother. What a volume! We had to laugh a lot about it and we can already imagine how this should go when we are on our way to France for more than 8 hours in the car.

Once at the vet, trying to get cat out of the basket. Even upside down the cat stayed where it was sitting. Hanging with four legs from wall to wall in the cage. However, Rengie would not be Rengie if he did not come out for something tasty. Then he was put on the scales: 7 kilos! Heavyweight... After the necessary vaccination, chip and also his pet passport, we went back to the car (Rengie wanted to be in his cat basket again with a few treats) And yes: the whimper started again loudly.

This is going to be a lot cat moan on the way. Because now it looks like we are going to take a third cat (!) to France: Since more than a year we have been taking care of a stray cat, which actually belongs to the neighbor but who doesn't like to stay there because of small children. He gets along very well with the cats and dog already present with us and has already found his place together on the central heating. He also likes to lie on your lap all day. Due to a tragic circumstance of the neighbor, we have now decided to take Sjors,(the name we gave him) an uncastrated black male, to France. Which means he will soon have to go to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

It is now quite a hassle to ensure that Sjors stays inside, so that we can take him to the vet. He seems to have no trouble with it, except that we must always check the litter box, because he is not really used to this yet .. A small effort for us, and soon a huge world that will open for him. Together with the other two cats and the dog! (oh, not to mention Bob the goldfish .... he doesn't need a chip and vaccination ...)

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