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Un oeuf is enough

When I started blogging about our adventure to France about two months ago, I didn't think I'd be writing in the Netherlands for the last time so quickly: just 1 day away from the Big Relocation.

Today is Sunday and that is always a kind of tradition for us. I remember the tradition we had as a child: every Sunday fresh hot smoked sausage came on the table, along with a healthy dollop of homemade mustard. And every Sunday we said at the table: another new week to start.

Now I like the traditions, but I don't like hot smoked sausage every Sunday with mustard. So with us it is a wonderfully fried egg, whether or not beaten, in its 'English' (yes, with a hot sausage, bacon, white beans, tomatoes and mushrooms) or in its 'own house style'. Also in vegetarian version this was not to be missed according our youngest daughter.

Sunday it is. For now the very last in our old house. With Drentsche eggs, fresh from the farmer. It's crazy how you mark a timeline of traditions: every Sunday marks a week-end or a week-start for us.

It is now a few days after Sinterklaas. A tradition too.

I used to look forward to that, with exciting days for the kids. And immediately after Sinterklaas, the tradition of removing all the boxes from the attic with the Christmas stuff. The tingle of the Christmas bells in the boxes, the scent of pine green that is still hanging in the boxes, and always the exciting moment of: are the lights working?

I always look forward to Christmas. Find it definitely one tradition that should stay. Decorating the dresser, always in a similar way. The special Christmas balls in the tree. The red beaded chain that winds through the tree. For us a symbol of the common thread that connects people, no matter how far apart, the common thread that stretches but will never break ... A tradition that we have taken from the adoption period with China.

It symbolizes the connection that our adopted daughters always will have with their birth parents. For me, this common thread symbolizes all traditions with our children, wherever they are. And now it will represent the connection that we have when we live in France.

I will certainly try to make a little Christmas between all the boxes and disorder in the house. And on our first Sunday in France, frying a beautiful egg while we make new traditions...

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