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love you till the moon...

Before you know it, another week has passed.

A week in which everything went as normal as possible.

The sun was shining, but unfortunately has now been displaced by a rain front.

We do need that rain, because the temperatures are pleasant and the soil is dry.

If we had just dried out grass, it is now grown higher and, if possible, the lawn mower can be removed from the shed again.

Life goes on in which we like to eat our food outside in the evening.

Every day I check the reports about the corona in France.

News about the confinement, on how they slowly will reduce the lock-down.

France is divided into areas of which you hope not to be in the red area.

For the time being we are still in green. Hopefully it stays that way.

We will then have more freedoms and life will become more normal again.

But what is normal?

No holidays will be booked from the Netherlands yet, because the borders are still closed.

Or people are afraid to go further than the Netherlands when the border is open again.

I get it. Many people will remain in their own country this year.

I do hope that a French guest might come to our gite.

In France, people will be allowed to travel up to 100 km after 11 May.

That may seem far, but it is only a small part for France.

I myself would be happy after 11 May if we can go a little further than the supermarket 12 km away.

See a little more of 'our' piece of France.

There is still so much to discover for us. Think a world is opening!

I long for the freedom (who isn't?) To choose where we go one day.

Dog in the back of the car.

Bring our food and drinks for a picnic on the road in a idyllic spot.


Yesterday was commemoration of the dead in the Netherlands. World War II is then commemorated with its victims.

I think of my father and mother who are both no longer alive.

They both always had their birthday on the same day (May 7) and since my father died, my mother always remembered him on May 4.

So that she could be happy on May 7 at her birthday.

I am now doing the same for both of them on May 4.

Today is May 5. Liberation Day in the Netherlands.

Even though we now live in France, you still think about this day.

A day that is normally always full of fun, with markets, parties and concerts. (looks like King's Day)

But not this year either.

Freedom on this day means something extra in the corona time.

These are crazy times. We will remember for a long time.

A streak emerges in the sky.

No, not from an airplane. These are currently very rare to see.

It is a cloud that extends.

Like a split in the air.

Just like the divisions in France.

And the division with our loved ones, friends and families.

Next to this stripe in the otherwise clear sky is the moon.

It reminds me of my children.

When they were little I always read them a story of 'little and big nutbrown hare'.

It always ended with 'love you till the moon and back'.

Normally I don't think about both daughters living in the Netherlands and we living in France. I don't see that as an unbridgeable problem.

Still, it would be great to give them a hug. Or that they can come here for a cup of tea or coffee. (Not that they did this a lot in the Netherlands. But just. Just ...)

The moon reminds me of that for a moment.

Love you till the Moon and back ...

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